6.04.02 E-Mail Account Retention

I. Purpose

This procedure was created to clarify university guidelines regarding retention of electronic mail (email) accounts by students, faculty, and staff following their departure from the university.

Policy Supported

6.04 Account and Access Termination

II. Description


Incoming students are assigned an electronic mail (email) account prior to the start of their entry term.

Student electronic mail is provided by a third party and the accounts are subject to the policies of this third party. After graduation a student is able to go to MyBU and reset this password, the account is still accessed using http://mail.bradley.edu Google is responsible for all issues pertaining to the account – accounts are removed according to their policies and procedures.

Faculty and Staff

Electronic mail accounts are assigned to new faculty and staff as we are notified of their affiliation with the university.

Retired faculty and staff retain their email rights and privileges upon request. Accounts that have had no activity for six months are removed. Adjunct faculties are a special case. An adjunct faculty that teaches regularly shall be allowed to keep his/her account as long as the individual is on good terms with Bradley. At the request of a Department Chair, an adjunct faculty member will be given a "permanent" email account. Without additional action, that email account will be deleted if the individual does not teach for one year.

Faculty or staff who are no longer employed by Bradley University and return to the university in the capacity of a student are to utilize their student B-Mail account. The FSMail account will be removed according to the guidelines previously defined.

Exceptions to the above must be approved by a Vice President or above.

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5/11/2005 6/6/2012    
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