6.08 Contributed Services

I. Purpose

The purpose of the Contributed Services policy is to allow for the creation of a category (role) of account authentication for a person who is not a paid employee of Bradley University but does collaborate with one or more employees and does provide valuable services to Bradley University.

This policy will allow access by these individuals to resources controlled by the Bradley authentication system and to those digital resources that are necessary for the individual to provide valuable services to Bradley University, provided access is approved by the office responsible for the resource.

II. Description

Definition of Contributed Service

To qualify for a 'Contributed Services' category, a person must be actively collaborating with a member of the Bradley community, be providing "valuable services" to the University, and not be an employee or student at Bradley. The University collaborator must sponsor this person and define the "valuable services" provided. This request must be approved by the Dean (or other administrator) and by the Vice President of the sponsor. Access will be granted for up to 1 year with renewal possible based upon need and university approval.

Access Rights

The 'Contributed Services' account authentication will provide the approved user access to those University Resources needed by the individual to allow the individual to provide the "valuable services" defined by the sponsor and approved by the appropriate administration.

IV. Scope

This policy applies to Contributed Services users. These users are subject to all other Bradley University policies.

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