6.08.01 Contributed Services Access Request

I. Purpose

This procedure documents appropriate the method for use by members of the University community in requesting access for those providing contributed services.

Policy Supported

6.08 Access Control – Contributed Services

II. Description

In order to request system and/or network access for someone who is contributing services to but not employed by the University, a sponsoring employee and the service contributor must complete a Contributed Services Access Request form. View and download the form.

A description of the contributed services will be required, along with name and contact information of the person contributing the services. An access end date will be required, and must be no later than one year from the access activation date.

A detailed description of the functionality and access needed must be provided, including server names, level of permissions needed, etc., along with justification for said access.

The completed electronic form must be routed to and approved by the Department Chairperson and Dean or Dean-level administrator before it is routed to Information Technology, Morgan Hall 205, for access activation.

Date Approved      
Dates Revised August 21, 2023    
Dates Reviewed August 21, 2023