Student Phone Services

Fraternity And Sorority Services

This information applies to the fraternities and sororities that have a Communication Services Agreement with Bradley University.

Bradley University has worked with the Greek houses to extend campus phone and Internet services to most of the houses. Each house is responsible for obtaining their own internal wiring for connecting with Bradley's underground cables. These cables have been run to the outside of each building and serve as conduits for communications services. In order for all system parts to work well together, certain standards and terms have been established. Details of those plans and contracts follow. If you're a Greek chapter officer, you may need to read all the standards and terms. If you just want to know what's available and what it costs, skim these materials.

Residence Hall Services

*Includes the Delta Tau Delta and Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity Houses

We offer the following services to students in the Residence Halls:

  • With the wide use of individual cell phones, Bradley University does not provide phones in individual rooms. However, this service can be provided at an additional yearly cost. Call the Service Desk at 2964.