Studio is a collaborative tool that allows faculty and students to interact via video and audio media. Faculty can create videos that students can comment directly on; faculty can add annotation and quizzes to videos, too. Students can work together to create videos to upload to faculty via assignments in Canvas, or they can work individually to post to a discussion board.


  • Video Assignments: Canvas Studio allows students to record directly through the Studio platform, upload an mp4 file, or link to a YouTube or Vimeo video. The instructor can set up peer review options for assignments, allowing students to view and comment on each other’s videos.
  • Group projects: Learners collaborate to complete a video. When submitting to an assignment using the text option, students can embed their video and link to their supporting files at the same time. Students can share videos with one another, allowing one student to combine the videos to submit the final project to the faculty member on behalf of the whole group.
  • Practice Presentations: If students are presenting live in class, faculty can create a ‘rough draft’ of the assignment, allowing students to submit a recording of their presentation. This gives faculty an opportunity to provide suggestions and feedback to the students, and allows students an opportunity to practice delivering their presentation. Students can re-watch their submitted video as well to self-critique their performance.

How It Works

Integrates Seamlessly with Canvas - Studio is already available for all users - click on the Studio link towards the bottom left in Canvas, and you can begin recording right away!

Embed in Announcements, Assignments, the Syllabus, and More - Faculty can create one video (a brief video introducing themselves to their class, for example) that can be embedded in any class. Wherever you find the Rich Content Editor (RCE), you’ll see an option to embed a Studio video.

Edit with Ease - After recording your video, before you upload it to Studio, try out the editing features - blur certain sections of the video; narrate over a section; merge two separate video clips together, and more. Once you’ve uploaded your video to Canvas Studio, you can trim and cut your video as you need to

Use Studio Videos to Help Students Learn - You can add quizzes to your videos and link them to assignments that automatically add to the gradebook. Students can watch your video and answer the quiz questions; their highest score will be recorded in the gradebook. Use this to test their knowledge, practice what they’ve learned, or study for an exam!

If you have questions about using Canvas Studio in your course(s), please contact for additional help!