Computer Sales FAQs

We compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding Bradley's Campus Computer Sales. If you have a question that is not on this list, you can contact Mike Behrll at (309) 677-3044.

Do I have to buy a 'special' computer to use on Bradley's network?

Any current-technology system you can buy online or in a retail location will work fine at Bradley. Make sure to check out the for hardware issues with new operating systems.

Why should I buy a computer through this website?

You will receive an educational discount and can take advantage of special monthly promotions.

Does my major matter?

A Windows-based system is the correct choice for the majority of academic disciplines. However, some programs may recommend an Apple Macintosh or a specially configured Windows machine. Please check with the appropriate college or department for their specific recommendations.

For laptop recommendations for majors within the Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts, please see their requirements.

Do you offer hardware and software recommendations?

  • Purchase a system with at least 4.0GB of RAM and be sure to have a method of backing up your files.
  • Purchase a copy of Microsoft Office (see journeyEd website for great pricing).
  • Download Adobe Acrobat reader (
  • Computer Sales has AntiVirus suggestions for all personally owned computers for students, faculty and staff.
  • Purchase an extended warranty if possible.

Do I have to buy anything special to hook up to the network?

  • To connect to the campus wired network you must have an Ethernet card installed.
  • In order for your computer to communicate on the network, it must be connected with a proper Ethernet cable. A telephone cord will not work. You can purchase an Ethernet cable from your local computer vendor or at the Bradley (Barnes & Noble) Bookstore.

What if I want to buy a notebook with wireless connectivity?

Wireless connectivity is available in many locations on campus, including the library.

Is there a charge to access Bradley's network or the internet?

No, we do not charge students, faculty, staff or visitors to use our network.