VPN Installer Disclaimer

If you currently have a VPN client that works on Bradley's network, you do not need to download and install the new version.

Use of the Bradley University network through the VPN client is solely intended for university employees. Bradley University’s Information Resources and Technology (IRT) reserve the right to revoke these privileges at any time if the following installation and security guidelines are not followed: Use of the Bradley University network through a VPN client is solely intended for university employees who accept the conditions set forth in this disclaimer.

  • It is recommended that the VPN client be installed on a Bradley owned computer; Bradley University is not responsible for 'broken' software or hardware on personal owned home computers as a result of VPN installation.
  • VPN software will remain solely in the possession of the authorized user; user may not distribute the VPN software to any other person or persons.
  • The user must abide by the Responsible Computing guidelines including, but not limited to, anti-virus software, windows updates, encryption and authentication methods which are included in the client installation.
  • While the VPN connection is connected to the Bradley University network, the user must be physically present at the console of the computer; the user agrees to disconnect an active VPN connection when away from his/her computer.
  • The user will comply with requests to make changes in the software when advised to do so; client updates will be pushed out automatically, there will be a pop-up window with information on updating the client.
  • Supported Operating Systems include Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS 10.10 and above.

Installation of other applications on a personal computer may break the VPN client, resulting in the need for re-installation of the client.

If your default printer is located on campus, and you are connected to the VPN, all print jobs will print to the default printer (on campus) unless otherwise specified.

Prior to installing the VPN Client, you MUST un-install any previous VPN client installed on your computer and completely remove the folder on your hard drive. The procedure for removal for Windows:

  • Go to Start---> Settings---> Control Panel---> Add or Remove Programs, remove Cisco Systems VPN Client.
  • Select C:\Program Files, remove the folder of "Cisco System"
  • When installing the new version of VPN, answer yes to override any old VPN files.

I have read, understand and hereby agree to follow all of the installation and security guidelines in the above VPN disclaimer. Click 'I AGREE' to proceed with installation:

I Agree