Student Laptop Recommendations

Bradley University Division of IT recommends the following laptop minimum specifications for general college student work (you may purchase above these specifications, if desired).

These colleges and departments have other requirements:

The recommended computer systems have been tested with the Bradley Wireless Network and standard learning systems of the University.

University Student Laptop Minimum Recommendations

Dell Inspiron 5000 Series

Apple MacBook

Please note the extended warranty is an additional purchase for your laptop. You can also add a rider on parents’ homeowners insurance policy for added protection.

Software Recommendations

Individual courses for all majors may require additional software specific to the course.

Web Browsers

The University recommends using Google Chrome for university email and for most learning applications.

The schedule and tasks of a college student frequently require multi-tasking with lots of windows open and may require taking online tests. Netbooks, tablets, and eReaders are not suited for this. Consider netbooks, tablets, or eReaders as note-taking, reading, media consumption, or email devices not a primary computing device.

Other financial considerations

With proper documentation, the expense incurred to purchase required technology may be added to a student’s total cost of attendance. Contact the Bradley University Financial Assistance office for further information at (309) 677-3089.