Computer Refresh Program


The Bradley University IT Computer Refresh Program provides university staff, faculty, administrators and learning spaces with current computing technology. The program furnishes a routine replacement cycle of computers, allowing employees to fulfill their work responsibilities. It also permits classrooms and lab computers to be reliable tools that support the educational mission of the institution.

The employee’s primary computer will be replaced through this program. If an employee has two (or more) computers, their department is responsible for the replacement of the secondary computer. Such purchases require provost approval. Laptop computers will be on a four-year replacement cycle and desktop computers, including standard lab and classroom computers, will be on a five-year replacement cycle. The existing faculty laptop program will be integrated into this larger program.

Also, as part of the Computer Refresh Program, all students and employees will have access to Office 365 starting in the fall 2021 semester.

This is a very large undertaking that will roll out over the next few years. It will take multiple years until all employees and learning spaces are incorporated into the refresh program. The first year will concentrate on replacing systems running Windows 7 and the oldest computers.

The timeline, computer standards, software and procedures are outlined in the sections below. The policy is available on IT Policies webpage. Please see the FAQs for answers to common questions.


The first year will target replacing Windows 7 systems out of compliance with security standards posing a risk to the university and computers past their end of life. Approximately 80 systems will be replaced in the first year.

Unit leaders will be contacted with a list of computers and employees who are eligible for computer replacement during this time period.

Computers will be purchased in this fiscal year and distributed over the summer. Employees slated to receive a replacement computer will be contacted one month in advance with instructions on preparing their data for their replacement computer and an invitation to schedule the appointment for the replacement.

Also, as part of the Computer Refresh Program, Bradley will enter a Microsoft Enterprise License Agreement. This agreement will include Office 365 for all employees and students being rolled out over the fall of 2021. See additional information in the Software section.

Standard Computer Specifications

IT has developed computer standards in order to increase system reliability and compatibility as well as keep support costs down. By using standard hardware, operating systems and applications, we can reduce the total cost of ownership, the time it takes to deploy a computer to a user/department, and the time it takes to fix and support issues. Desktop systems will be encouraged, unless the job warrants frequent mobility.

  • Desktop – Dell Optiplex i5, 16GB, 256GB SSD (includes: 22” monitor if needed, keyboard, mouse)
  • Desktop – Apple iMac
  • Laptop - Dell Latitude 14", i5, 16 GB, 256 GB SSD (Includes: 22" monitor, keyboard, mouse, and docking station if needed)
  • Laptop - Apple MacBook 13", 16GB, 256 GB SSD (Includes: 22" monitor, keyboard, mouse, and docking station if needed)

Common Items Not Included in Computer Refresh Program:

  • Hardware requirements beyond the standard system (see Exceptions to the Standard, below)
  • Theft Replacement (lost or stolen)
  • Tablet (iPad or Android) Device Replacement or Repair
  • Any monitor larger than 22”
  • Additional monitor
  • Office Printers (not part of Bradley’s copier fleet)
  • Scanners
  • Secondary computers

Exceptions to the Standard

Eligible employees who currently have a Windows desktop/laptop and who request to switch to an Apple computer must be approved by their department head, dean/director and the chief information officer. Similarly, any non-exempt staff requesting a laptop rather than a desktop computer will need these same approvals and should be able to demonstrate the need for mobile computing (i.e., classroom, meeting, off-site use).


Computers in the program will include Microsoft Office. Office 365 will be available for all employees and students during the fall of 2021.

Data Migration

Employees are expected to clean any personal files off their computer. IT will migrate data from the old computer to the replacement.


Computer replacements occur over the summer. When computers become eligible for replacement, unit leaders will be contacted via email with systems slated for replacement. Systems will be ordered, then prepared for deployment.

One month before the systems are delivered to employees, IT staff will contact faculty and staff individually to set up a mutually-convenient time to replace the old computer. IT staff will transfer data from the old computer to the new one. The employee will be required to turn in the existing computer in order to receive a new one.

In order to keep the replacement cycle running smoothly, departments need to contact the IT Service Desk if new positions are created, if faculty/staff leave the university or change positions, and if computer resources need to be reallocated to different employees or locations.