Operational Activity Assessment

In support of Bradley University’s pursuit of operational excellence, the University has partnered with Huron Consulting Group to perform an organizational and operational assessment.

The results of the assessment will provide Bradley University with an implementation roadmap to increase the organization’s capacity to provide administrative services support services in a more effective manner to enable the successful execution of all other goals and objectives across campus.

To better understand how the organization is allocating resources to perform administrative functions, Huron will administer an Activity Assessment to select members in every business unit. For those employees who are selected to take the assessment based on their position/role, participation will be mandatory.

The primary objective of the Activity Assessment is to determine opportunities for operational improvement and to develop an implementation roadmap designed for the Bradley Family.



Assessment Period

January 29 -
February 14, 2020

Additional Details

  • This project includes a detailed assessment of the overall administrative, organizational and operational structure, technology and business practices for both central and distributed support/shared services throughout all of Bradley University.
  • The project is designed to review all units across the organization to evaluate and maximize use of resources.
  • Achieving greater effectiveness and efficiency will allow us to compete more effectively and sustain our mission for the long-term as higher education continues to face increasing challenges.
  • To help in this effort, we have engaged Huron Consulting Group to assess administrative services and activities across the institution. One of Huron’s tools, the Activity Assessment, is focused on better understanding distributed administrative operations throughout the university, which will be key to understanding our potential for operational efficiency gains and will help guide discussions regarding alternative administrative models.
  • Huron will conduct an Activity Assessment (AA) to better understand how university employees spend their time. The web-based assessment typical takes approximately 60 minutes to complete and focuses on the daily work and activities performed by employees.