University Strategic Plan

A Foundation for Boundary Breaking Success

The Board of Trustees approved a new student-centric strategic plan for Bradley University in July 2021. This plan aligns with Bradley’s prevailing mission, while setting forth an exciting strategic vision and a complementary set of priorities designed to meet the dynamic landscape of higher education in an ever-changing world.

The plan was crafted over a seven-month period following a 14-step strategy development process involving 78 individuals who served on six key strategic planning groups. The broader university community was engaged through a faculty-staff survey, several information sessions and forums, and student focus groups designed to validate the results of an external market analysis of more than 1,600 current and prospective students.

The development of the new strategic plan was driven by Bradley’s situation, namely the challenging and competitive state of the higher education landscape. Particular attention was devoted to what today’s learners seek when selecting a university or college.

Based on this analysis, Bradley’s focus will be on two types of purposeful learners: aspirational and functional. Aspirational learners focus on the life they want to create for themselves and the person they want to become in the future. Functional learners focus on a specific result (typically job or career driven) and education is a necessary step to get them there.

Bradley’s new strategic vision captures what the university must be to appeal to and serve these learners.

Vision Statement

We deliver an engaging education that transcends traditional boundaries through scholarly and practical experiences in a diverse, caring and inclusive environment to prepare purpose-driven leaders who achieve success and build a better world. Bradley University: An investment in the life you want.

Coupled with the vision statement are five strategic imperatives that outline the university’s priorities:

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Welcoming, Caring, Diverse and Inclusive

We are committed to understanding and creating a community within and beyond campus that allows you to feel welcome and included in your ability to participate in the learning experience.

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Personalized Life Path

We provide clear, supportive and flexible paths with an array of enriching opportunities to realize the life you want.

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Return on Educational Investment

As one of our graduates, you can expect short-term benefits through career outcomes and long-term happiness from your investment.

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Boundary-Breaking Innovations

We will help you realize a purposeful plan to create the career and life you want by delivering engaged learning beyond your major and beyond the classroom.

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Financial Strength and Operational Excellence

Execution of the plan requires a strong foundation of financial strength and operational excellence.

Collectively, these five imperatives constitute the essence of the 2021 strategic plan. They will provide a framework for decision making, serve as operational platform, and drive the development of key strategic action items over the next three to five years.

Bradley faculty and staff are encouraged to visit the University Strategic Plan Resources page for further information.

Contact Information

Dr. Christopher Jones

Vice President for Strategy and Innovation
    206 Swords Hall
    (309) 677-4445

Dr. Aaron Buchko

Faculty Strategic Planning Consultant

    Business and Engineering Convergence Center 3130
    (309) 677-2273

Jennifer Gruening Burge

Director of Institutional Effectiveness

    Swords Hall 14
    (309) 677-4939