College News

When the Challenge is Worth It

Set on studying in the U.S., this cross-country runner overcame every obstacle in his way.

American Society for Engineering Education Recognizes Bradley for Diversity Efforts

Bradley University is recognized by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) in their Diversity Recognition Program (ADRP).

Bradley Receives Nearly $1 Million for Renewable Energy Tech Lab

Bradley University is confirmed to receive $950,000 in federal funding through the Scientific and Technical Research and Services Program from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Revved and Ready

These senior mechanical engineering students are building a Formula racecar and a wealth of skills.

Behind the scenes of a self-playing guitar

This Bradley alumnus made big moves building a robotic guitar that can play itself.

London Calling … for Sustainability Studies

Students and professors from the Foster College of Business and the Caterpillar College of Engineering and Technology converged in London for the first study abroad convergence course on sustainability.

Pack a bag for J-Term! The Ultimate Education Experience

Five students share their experiences from their J-term Study Abroad in London.

My Bradley Internship at RLI

An MBA student wanted to hone his IT operations knowledge in a real-world setting.

Bullseye! There’s A New Club on Campus

Meet the students losing arrows and loving every minute

My Bradley Internship at Mattel

A lifelong fascination with designing toys became a reality for one student.

How Jordan Tatgenhorst Found Fulfillment in On-the-Job Training

An internship at Komatsu challenged her and in turn, boosted her confidence.

Wilma Nielsen Trains Her Body and Mind to Race into Bradley History

The Swedish track star became the first All-American in any sport at Bradley in 10 years. Now she's eyeing the global stage.