Master of Science in Game Design and Development

The master’s degree in game design and development is a 30 credit-hour program (or 31 hours to earn a concentration in Game Programming) that recreates the real-world development experience and culminates in the creation of your own game.

Taking Your Future Forward

Starting in the fall, this year-long intensive program simulates the industry environment by refining your skills in advanced design concepts, agile development, UX, and more. But why run with Bradley? Building on the success of Bradley’s top-ranked undergraduate game design program, your time will be spent in a cohort built as a multidisciplinary dev team, receiving regular feedback from working AAA game dev professionals.

You and your team members will form your own corporation and own all rights to your game once you graduate. Not only will you have the option to sell your game to a major manufacturer, your degree and portfolio will help you stand out in a highly competitive job market.

Graduate Admission Requirements

Learn more about graduate admission standards and application requirements on our Requirements page.

Program Admission Requirements

  • Undergraduate degree with a major in game development or equivalent; or a major in animation, computer science, or user experience with additional required study
  • Portfolio: game development work that demonstrates technically, design, or artistic accomplishment; indicate which projects were collaborative efforts, or well as your role and contribution

Application Deadlines

To be assured full consideration, completed applications including all supporting documents must be received by the following dates:

  • Fall semester - January 15
  • Spring semester - August 15

Graduate Program Requirements

You must enroll in the program full time.
You may not transfer graduate credit from another institution or program.
Undergraduate or additional graduate study may be necessary where deficiencies exist. The graduate faculty will make a collaborative decision regarding courses that fulfill specific deficiencies for you to continue in the program.

All M.S. students undergo graduate faculty review for advancement to candidacy for M.S. degree after completion of 10 hours (one semester).

Game Design & Development

Required Courses - 30 hrs.

  • IM 526: Practicum - 2 hrs.
  • IM 580: Game Seminar - 6 hrs.
  • IM 588: Game Prototyping - 6 hrs.
  • IM 589: Game Production - 12 hrs.
  • IM 590: Game Post-Production - 4 hrs.

Game Design & Development with Game Programming Concentration

The game programming concentration provides essential background, understanding, knowledge and skills in game programming and software design and development. The concentration consists of 31 semester hours of study including 28 semester hours of required courses and three (3) semester hours of elective courses as outlined below.

Required Courses - 31 hrs..

  • CIS 556: Game Engine Programming - 3 hrs.
  • IM 588: Game Prototyping - 6 hrs.
  • IM 589: Game Production - 12 hrs.
  • CS 590: Fundamentals of Software Engineering OR
    CIS 575: Computer Information Systems Analysis, Design and Integration - 3 hrs.
  • IM 590: Game Post-Production - 4 hrs.

Elective courses (choose one)

  • CIS 546: Advanced Mobile Programming - 3 hrs.
  • CIS 559: Computer Game Capstone Project - 3 hrs.
  • CIS 697: Advanced Topics in Computer Information Systems - 3 hrs.
  • CIS 698: Directed Individual Studies in Computer Information Systems - 3 hrs.
  • CS 514: Algorithms - 3 hrs.
  • CS 591: Software Project Management - 3 hrs.