Job Description

Resident Advisors (RAs) serve as liaisons between university housing and the residents. They develop a sense of belonging among residents by building community, planning events, and connecting students to resources on campus. RAs must be able to identify the needs of their residents both on the individual and community level and be willing to assist the resident in meeting these needs. RAs work with their Hall Directors under the supervision of the Director of Residential Living to best support residents in the residence hall community.

Primary Responsibilities of the Position

Resident Responsibilities

  • Complete floor requirements such as decorations
  • Advise individual residents in personal, social, and academic matters
  • Employ conflict resolution skills and strategies when conflict arises
  • Intervene in crisis situations
  • Communicate resident and facilities concerns to Hall Directors
  • Be available and interact with residents on a regular basis
  • Address behavioral concerns and document appropriately
  • Plan and promote programs that engage residents, build community, and meet the expectations of the department and needs of the resident
  • Assist in the staff selection process by writing professional applicant evaluations

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Prepare an average of 1-2 hours of community reporting on a weekly basis
  • Sit 2 office hours each week
  • Assist in the opening and closing of the residence halls which may require staying in the residence halls after breaks begin
  • Attend and participate in all trainings and meetings as directed by supervisor or department
  • Respond timely and appropriate to policy violations within the residential community
  • Make appropriate referrals to on campus and off campus resources
  • Keep official floor postings up to date
  • Serve a predetermined number of weekday coverage nights and weekend coverages throughout the semester

Personal Responsibilities

  • Be responsible for all keys/equipment issued to you by Residential Living
  • Communicate and collaborate with RA partner and Hall Directors on a regular basis
  • Serve as a role model to the floor, fellow staff members, and the university
  • Foster an environment of inclusion and belonging in the residence halls where every resident feels valued
  • Adhere to Bradley University Standards of Conduct, Residential Living and Student Conduct policies, supervisor expectations, and local state and federal laws.
  • Collaborate with and support your fellow staff members
  • Demonstrate receptivity to feedback and a willingness to grow in the position
  • Exemplify an effective attitude towards the position and communicate any concerns regarding performance with your hall directors
  • Communicate with Hall Directors regarding all aspects of the position and anything that may affect performance
  • Maintain the privacy of staff and residents

Position Qualifications

  • Staff members are expected to maintain a cumulative 2.50 GPA
  • RAs are expected to make reasonable progress towards a degree each semester. Undergraduate students must take no less than 12 credit hours and graduate students must take no less than 6 credit hours
  • Any additional practicums, graduate assistantships, or major time commitments should be discussed with the Director of Residential Living
  • Any staff member taking a leave of absence may be rehired depending on availability of positions and the job performance of the staff member at the time of their leave of absence

Remuneration and Promotion Information

  • Resident Advisors receive room and board as compensation
  • Assistant Resident Advisors receive room as compensation
  • ARAs will be assigned a roommate if they do not indicate a roommate preference
  • Assistant Resident Advisor promotions are based on performance evaluations and position availability