Gender Inclusive Housing

The Gender Inclusive Housing floor provides a residence hall living community for all gender identities and expressions, including students identifying as trans and gender nonconforming, as well as allies. Students may share a room with anyone of their preference, regardless of sex or gender identity. Residents of the floors in Wyckoff Hall and Williams Hall will share a communal bathroom with stalls and showers similar to other residence hall floors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a first-year student live in a Gender Inclusive Housing room?

Yes! First-year students are invited to request Gender Inclusive Housing. We understand that you may have questions about how roommates are assigned, the option for a single room without a roommate, or best ways to find a roommate. Please email with any questions to help us understand your specific needs or request.

What does Gender Inclusive Housing mean at Bradley?

Gender Inclusive Housing makes it possible for all gender identities to live together in a community. While the Gender Inclusive housing floor will function like other floors in terms of community events and residence hall policies, any two people can be roommates, regardless of gender identity or gender expression. It is not intended for students in a relationship. Bathroom facilities will be Gender Inclusive to all gender identities. Gender Inclusive Housing model seeks to create an environment that’s inclusive, safe, and engaging.

What does the bathroom on the Gender Inclusive Housing floor look like?

All students residing on the floor will use the single communal bathroom, regardless of their gender identity or gender expression. The bathroom has multiple, locking single-stalled toilets and showers.

Safety is a priority throughout campus. What does that look like on the Gender Inclusive Housing floor?

The doors leading to the floor lock from the inside and may only be accessed by a resident of the floor tapping/swiping their ID. Individual rooms are accessed by key.

What is the process for Gender Inclusive Housing student placement?

When filling out the housing application form, students may select the Gender Inclusive Housing floor. For new students, you will be assigned a room with your preferred roommate or a roommate with a high percentage match on the roommate survey. For returning students, you can choose to renew your current room (if available), or select a different room in Gender Inclusive Housing. Please note that students are completing the housing application and parental permission is not required. 

What is the process to become an Assistant Resident Advisor in Gender Inclusive Housing?

Students of all gender identities and expressions are invited to apply to join the Residential Living staff team. If selected, an applicant may be placed on a floor they feel most comfortable on - a gendered floor, a living-learning community, a co-ed floor, or gender inclusive housing. Please contact with further questions about the staff selection process.

Questions about Gender Inclusive Housing? Please contact