Frequently Asked Questions

What is the activity fee?

On move in day, students must pay a non-refundable $40 activity fee before they receive their room key. This activity fee is for floor funds (floor bonding), your building's Hall Council (creates events on Sunday night), and the Residence Hall Association (improves hall life). We will accept cash or check only.

How do I set up my computer?

All residence halls have two high-speed network connections available per room. When you arrive on campus, set-up your computer and attach it to the ethernet outlet. Then, click on your web browser and you will immediately follow the directions to register your computer with the university. There is no additional charge for internet use in the residence halls. Also, be sure to view the responsible computing website at and click on "new student."

May I bring a futon?

If you are purchasing a futon, you will want to be sure to check-out the room dimensions to be sure the futon will fit in the room. Not all futon sizes will fit in all the rooms.

Where do I do laundry?

Each residence hall is equipped with both washers and dryers. Report machine malfunctions to the company directly by using the provided signage in the laundry rooms.

Who cleans the residence halls?

There are housekeepers provided in each hall who clean the common areas of each building such as hallways, bathrooms, lobbies and lounges. They do not clean individual student rooms. Keep in mind, however, the cleanliness of the hall and building is as much your responsibility as it is the housekeepers.

Where can I pick up mail or packages?

Each residence hall room has a mailbox with the room number in the lobby of the building. Your room key will open your own mailbox. All incoming mail is distributed to the boxes Monday- Saturday. If you receive a package, you will get a package notification email asking you to pick it up at the residence hall office.

All packages are kept in a locked office closet. When you have mail sent to you, please do not include "Bradley University" in the address because it will delay delivery to your specific residence hall. Mail should be addressed and include: Your name, building, street address, room number, Peoria, IL 61606. Be sure to include your room number on all mail being sent to you.

How are dorms secured?

We have upgraded the safety of our buildings by installing swipe-card access to the entrances, hallways, elevators, stairwells, and in some cases the room doors.  Your student ID acts as the key for all of these swipe-card access points. Heitz is the only residence hall that has a swipe-card access in order to enter your room, while in every other residence hall your actual room key is needed for your room. You will be issued a room key when you check into your Residence Hall. Your key will open your room, and your mailbox. Please keep in mind that if you lose your key, it will require a lock change for which you will be charged. Also, if you are ever locked out of your room, your RA can let you in to your room for a small fee ($1). If you lose or break your ID, you can get a replacement ID at the Quick Card Office located in Swords Hall for an additional fee. 

Can I have a fridge?

You are welcome to bring refrigerators for your room as long as it doesn't exceed 4.2 cubic feet capacity. This limits the unit size to approximately 36 inches in height.

The Residence Hall Association has teamed up with Campus Fridges Etc. in order to make it easy to purchase a refrigerator and microwave as easy as possible. Simply place an order at and the refrigerator will be in your room when you arrive on campus. When you are ready to leave campus, just leave it in your room.

Where can I get snacks?

Each residence hall has vending machines with a wide variety of snack items. Any vending problems should be reported to the residence hall office.