Staff Classification & Compensation Study

Whatever the role, every employee at Bradley University brings a valuable contribution. And because of this, it’s important for Bradley to attract, engage and retain the best talent. The Staff Classification and Compensation Study will look at how Bradley defines and groups jobs, assigns titles, and determines the appropriate pay for positions. The study will draw from internal information, like our current job descriptions and pay structure; it will also consider external information, including salary data and approaches taken by other universities and local employers.

Once complete, the new job classification and compensation system will position Bradley to advance the following objectives:

  1. To increase our ability to attract and retain qualified employees
  2. To provide more equitable salaries at the university
  3. To be more competitive with other local employers and higher education institutions

This study aligns with Bradley’s strategic imperative to create a welcoming, caring, diverse and inclusive work environment. It will also help us build a strong foundation of financial strength and operational excellence.

Be sure to check back often, since we’ll use this site as a resource for campus-wide communications and progress updates.