Snow Removal

When a significant accumulation of snow occurs students, faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to remove cars from Elmwood Street, Bradley Avenue, the St. James complex, and on-campus surface lots to the parking decks to facilitate snow removal.  Once the streets and lots have been cleared of snow, regular University parking regulations will be enforced.

During snowfall periods please watch for NO PARKING signs posted in campus lots. Facilities will periodically need to close these lots for snow removal. Signage will be posted well in advance.  Violators will be ticketed and/or towed.  Lots impacted include:  

  • Corner of Bradley Avenue and Duryea Place
  • Visitors Center
  • Between the Continuing Education Building and Geisert Hall

See more winter weather reminders on Bradley University’s website.

The City of Peoria also enforces parking bans on designated City Snow Routes when snowfall is two (2”) or more inches. Parked vehicles must be removed from marked Snow Routes to enable City of Peoria crews to clear the routes properly and safely. Snow Routes include Bradley Avenue, Main Street, and University Street.  Violators will be ticketed $50 every 24 hours if not moved, and towed. Motorists who have parked vehicles on non-routed streets are encouraged to move their vehicles off-street to facilitate plowing efforts. If in doubt, avoid parking on a City street during a snow event. More information on City of Peoria snow routes and snow removal can be found online.


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