Office of General Counsel

Welcome to the Office of General Counsel (OGC). The OGC is committed to supporting the educational mission of Bradley University by providing, managing and coordinating all legal services for the University while striving to minimize legal risks and costs in an efficient, reliable and professional manner.

Who We Serve

The OGC provides legal advice and representation to the Board of Trustees, faculty, administrators and staff in their capacity as representatives of Bradley University. OGC represents Bradley University and may not represent individual students, faculty, or staff except when these individuals are named in litigation as a result of actions or omissions within the course and scope of their employment. For personal legal advice, employees and students should consult a private attorney.

What We Do

The OGC provides comprehensive legal services, including advice on a variety of legal matters such as personnel issues, student affairs, real estate, and risk management, among others. OGC also reviews and drafts policies and contracts, represents Bradley University in administrative proceedings, and provides preventive law training.


The information presented on this website is for informational purposes only and nothing on this website should be construed or relied upon as legal advice. The OGC should be consulted regarding the specific facts and circumstances associated with any legal matter.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm