Name Change Policy

  1. Name corrections and name changes (accompanied by legal documentation when necessary) will be accepted if submitted:
    1. along with a completed official Change of Personal Data Form containing student’s signature.
    2. by letter containing student’s signature.
  2. A name correction may be made to the student master file and active record without documentation if it results from:
    1. a data entry error in spelling.
    2. a data entry error caused by transposition of first, middle or last names.
    3. the addition or deletion of a middle name or initial(s).
    4. the addition or deletion of a suffix, such as Jr., or III.
  3. Active student records – A name change must be documented by presentation of official/legal evidence that includes one or more of the following:
    1. A certified copy of a court order
    2. A marriage license or certificate
    3. A dissolution of marriage or divorce decree stating the new name.
    4. A petition for a name change.
    5. Additional documentation (e.g. driver’s license, social security card, etc.) A copy of the marriage license or divorce decree in which the court has ordered the restoration of the maiden name must accompany the request for name change.
      International students need to provide a copy of:
      1. visa and
      2. passport
      3. Additional documentation may be required (e.g. driver’s license, state issued identification card, social security card, resident noncitizen card, I-20, birth certificate). An international student may be required to have the form signed by the Assistant Director of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Exceptions to the above policy may be approved by the Registrar. For example, if the above documentation is not available, a notarized statement from the student along with legible copies of other supporting documentation (driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, etc.) may be considered.
  4. Inactive Student Records – No changes may be made to the historical records unless a court order is presented. A fee may be assessed to cover the cost of correcting, documenting, and re-filming of records. Page 2
  5. Readmitted Students – Reactivation of a record (with a name change) and /or reference to prior attendance under a former name will be made in cases where our files indicate a social security number linking the two records and/or upon presentation of appropriate legal documentation. Documentation may be requested.
  6. Students who have applied for graduation must also complete a revised graduation application if they wish to have their name changed on the diploma and graduation printouts
  7. Diplomas – name changes will result in the issuance of a new diploma only upon presentation of a court order. A change of name on a diploma must be done in conjunction with a change of name on the transcript. The usual diploma replacement fee will be required.
  8. Retention of documentation – The official change of name form and the accompanying documentation will be retained indefinitely. The Registrar’s Office will retain the documentation for a period of time after which the documents will be microfilmed.
  9. Gender changes - Please go to the Registrar's Office (Swords 11) to make this change.
  10. The student is responsible for notifying faculty of their name change/correction.

Note: We are currently limited in the number of spaces available for names.

Corrections to Social Security Numbers

A correction to the social security number maintained in the student master file and active record must be documented by presentation of official evidence that includes:

  1. social security card
  2. Bradley University identification card

Individuals who need to have their names changed or Social Security Numbers corrected should email the Office of the Registrar at or call (309) 677-3101.