Withdrawing from Bradley University during a semester due to:

  • Taking a break/re-evaluating career decision
  • Transferring to another school
  • Medical (including mental health) reason

If a student needs to withdraw from all classes during a semester or does not plan to enroll for the next semester, he/she must meet with the Center for Student Support Services. The Center for Student Support Services can assist students wishing to explore academic options other than a complete withdrawal. If a feasible solution cannot be found, the appropriate paperwork for withdrawal will be initiated through the Center for Student Support Services in 101-103 Sisson Hall. A checklist of withdrawal items will be discussed. These include housing, financial assistance, billing, academic recording, and book return.

A student may drop a class at any time online using myBradley prior to the last day to drop classes. Check the Academic Calendar for specific drop dates.

If an Undergraduate student desires to drop all his/her classes for the semester after the third week of the semester until the 12th week of the semester, he/she must meet with the Center for Student Support Services, to receive an honorable withdrawal. However, after the 12th week, the Dean (or designee) of the student’s college must also review and approve the withdrawal request.

Graduate students may withdraw at any time between the third and twelfth week of classes for any circumstances through myBradley.

The withdrawal date (which is critical for the billing of the semester tuition) will be dated the day in which the student agrees and signs the withdrawal request form (except in the case of hospitalization).

When a student withdraws, he/she must be prepared to move their personal belongings out of the residence halls (if occupied), his/her QuickCard will become inactive immediately, and the student will no longer be able to participate in Bradley University activities.

For specific impact that dropping a class or withdrawing from the semester will have on his/her financial assistance, the student must consult with the Financial Aid Office in Swords Hall.

An appointment can be made by calling (309) 677- 3910 or going to Sisson Hall room 101-103.

Exit Interview when not returning to Bradley University for the next semester:

During the semester, if a student decides to transfer to another school, he/she should contact the Center for Student Support Services. An exit interview will be conducted either in person or via email by calling (309) 677-3910. The exit interview will only take a couple of minutes.

NOTE: A withdrawal or exit interview does NOT hold a student’s place at the University, nor their financial aid. You must reapply for both, if appropriate, in order to return. Students who withdraw or complete exit interviews, and plan to return to Bradley, MAY take classes at other institutions during this time.