New Students

The Division of Information Technology has developed this site to make your transition to the Bradley family as easy as possible. The Service Desk is your first line of support and is manned by student consultants who are experienced in dealing with all student access issues.

There are a number of things that can be performed by you prior to coming to campus. By completing these tasks, your first couple of days will be more enjoyable and your family will rest easy knowing that these issues have been taken care of before you return home.

Prior To Orientation

Activate Your Account

An activation letter has been sent to you and contains your BUnetID (username) and an activation code (PIN). The BUnetID identifies you to Bradley's network and permits you to access registration for orientation, course registration and technology resources located throughout campus.

Get detailed information pertaining to your BUnetID account and keeping it secure.

Activate your account.

Check Your E-Mail (B-Mail)

The student electronic mail system is hosted by Google© and accounts are created by and affiliated with Bradley University. B-Mail is the official method of University communication with students. You are responsible for all official correspondence received via your B-Mail account. It is strongly suggested that you check this account regularly.

To access your electronic mail account go to and enter in your BUnetID and password that you created from the activation letter.
Your mailing address is:
Example: Elton John's B-Mail address:

Sign Up For ForeWarn

Bradley University has partnered with 2SMS to provide emergency messaging to faculty, staff and students.

In order to register for classes all students must either "opt in" or "opt out" of the program. The only requirement for opting in is that you have an active cell phone which is able to receive text messages. Visit for complete details.

To sign up:

  • Go to
  • Log into the system using your BUnetID and password.
  • The "My Info" page contains the portlet for foreWarn
  • On the “Emergency Text Messaging” bar press the first icon on the right.
  • Select "Opt In"
    • When entering your cell number do not include any punctuation. Example: 3096772957
    • Press the Save/Confirm Button
    • A test text message is sent to verify the process.
  • Or Select "Opt Out"

Press the Save/Confirm button

Password Reset Tool

Register your cell phone number to our self-service Password Reset Tool in order to receive a password reset PIN code by SMS text if you forget your password and the answers to your security questions. A valid BUnetID and mobile carrier capable of receiving SMS messages are required. Standard messaging and data rates may apply.

Get Started in Learn

Navigate to in order to get started using Bradley's learning management system. Learn will be your hub for course content and delivery, has a mobile app for on the go notifications and access, and built in Help and Training should you have any questions.

Prior to Move In

Computer/Device Registration

All devices which are to connect to the university's wired network must be registered. This includes Smart TVs, gaming consoles, laptops, desktops, etc. This process is done once you arrive on campus.

Granting Third Party Access

MyBradley provides students with fingertip access to information pertaining to their academics. It also provides the ability to create an account so that parents are able to access billing information, class schedule, grades, holds and the current address on file with the university. The student is the only one who is able to grant permissions for this type of access. To see a demonstration of how to grant third party access view the video tutorial below. Once access has been granted, the third party can view information.

What To Bring

Most students bring their own computer to campus. Please see the Student Laptop Recommendations for systems that have a history of performing well for students in our campus environment. Some academic programs have specific computer requirements, so check the Recommendations page for your program.

Bradley Campus Computer Sales has partnered with Dell, Apple and ThinkEDU, providing educational discounts. Visit our website for recommendations, helpful information and links to purchase your computer and discounted software (85% off on software!) online.

Bring the media that came with your computer in the event that your operating system or software should need to be reinstalled. Bradley is unable to provide software for your personally-owned computer.

  • We recommend purchasing an HDMI and an ethernet adapter for tablets, MacBook Pro Retina models or any other laptop that does not have built in ethernet. You will need to be able to connect to Bradley's wired network for taking quizzes and tests.
  • Bring an external hard drive or flash drives to back up your data in case of spyware/malware or virus infections. While most of these can be removed they have been known to damage files which are then non-recoverable.
  • Bradley recommends that you bring an ethernet cable for each device capable of connecting to the wired network.

If you do not bring a laptop to campus, there is a public lab is available for your use in the Cullom-Davis Library. The Library also checks out laptops to students for use within the Library. Windows and Apple desktops, printing, scanning, and other services are available within the Library as well.

List of Devices Prohibited from Bradley University Network

The following list of IoT (Internet of Things) devices has been prohibited from being used on the Bradley University wireless or wired networks. Many of these devices do not have proper security protocols or are not compatible with the security protocols being used on the Bradley networks. They may also require the use of specific ports or services that have been explicitly blocked by the network firewall.

The following devices are known to fall into the category of prohibited devices:

  • Wireless printers (should be connected via USB cable only or WiFi-Direct connection)
  • Smart bulbs (Philips Hue, LIFX, Wyze, etc.)
  • Google Chromecast and Google Home line of devices:
    • Chromecast/Chromecast Ultra
    • Home
    • Home Mini
    • Hub
  • Lovebox (
  • Any other "casting" device that requires a smartphone for operation

Things To Be Aware Of


File sharing is not encouraged on the University network. Having file or print sharing on may enable others to access your system without your knowledge and if it interferes with the university network you will be quarantined (denied network access). The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) reports any copyright violations to the university. Students who are reported will have their network access blocked until they have proven to no longer be in violation. Repeated offenses may result in network access being denied for an entire semester.

Library Computer Access

In the event that your computer becomes unusable, the Cullom-Davis Library can loan out Windows and Mac Laptops for 6 hours from the Reserves Desk. Additionally, there are a number of computers located in the Computer Lab near the Service Desk that are set up for student use.

Web Sites

Use caution when going to non-familiar websites as these may have spyware/malware or viruses attached to them that install automatically on your system without your knowledge.


Electronic messages received from persons unknown to you should be deleted. Bradley University The Division of Information Technology will never ask for your BUnetID and password in an electronic mail message. These are phishing messages trying to get your information to use for illicit purposes.

Caution should always be used when opening an attachment, especially from someone you do not know. This is one of the major ways viruses, spyware and malware get onto a person's system.

Move In Weekend

Service Desk Move In Day Hours

The Service Desk, in the Cullom-Davis Library, will be open Saturday, August 20 from 10 AM - 5 PM and Sunday, August 21 from 12 PM - 5 PM to assist with computer questions and connection issues. Phone support is available at (309) 677-2964.

Network Set Up And Registration

BUSecure does not require registration.

Wireless is provided in the dorms, personally-owned wireless routers are not permitted.

Wired network registrations expire at the end of the school year. If your computer or device has not already been registered this year:

  • Connect to the wired network using your Ethernet cable. If you forget your cable, you can purchase one at the Bookstore or other retailer.
  • After connecting to the network, launch your browser, you will be directed to the on-line registration program; if you do not automatically arrive at the registration site (NetReg), type the following in your browser's address bar:
  • You will need to know your BUnetID and password to complete this process;
  • Follow all instructions to register your computer on the network and then restart your computer after 30 minutes to ensure it is connected to the network
  • If you have any issues after restarting the computer, please call the Service Desk at (309) 677-2964.

BUsecure (WiFi)

BUsecure is the WiFi network that should be utilized for most devices. If you are having trouble connecting to BUsecure or staying connected to BUsecure, please follow the following guidelines.

  • Only connect to BUsecure while on campus. If your device tries to connect to BUguest, BUother, or BUsponsored, forget the network in your device’s settings.
  • Your BUnetID password expires every 90 days. You will receive reminders in your Bmail inbox to change it through MyBU. If it expires, you won’t be able to connect to the Wi-Fi until you update it.


I already have anti-virus software on my computer.
Do I have to install the software provided by Bradley?

You can use any anti-virus software, provided that updates remain current.

Can I wait until move-in weekend to “secure” my computer?

We recommend that you set up your computer prior to move-in weekend. When you connect your computer up to our network and the security steps are not performed, you may be susceptible to viruses and spyware and may not meet the requirements to register your computer on our network. You will also save a lot of time by performing the steps at home.

What will happen if I don't follow the Bradley Security Recommendations?

If inappropriate network activity is observed by our Network Engineers, your computer may be placed in Quarantine and you will be required to perform all of the security measures and have it verified at the HelpDesk prior to obtaining access to the network. Please read our Malware Policy for more information.

What is the cost for using the network?

There is no charge to access the network in the Residence Halls.

If my computer “crashes“ while I am at Bradley, can someone fix it for me?

The Service Desk provides level one support for student owned computers. However, hands-on support such as hardware repair is limited.