Living Learning Communities

One of the advantages of attending Bradley is the opportunity to live in one of our Interdisciplinary Living Learning Communities (LLCs). They’re a great way to make new friends who not only share your interests, but who can offer their own unique perspectives as well.

Each community features a distinctive theme and these additional benefits:

  • Live with other community members in the same residential area
  • Have fun and take stimulating classes throughout your college experience.
  • Enroll with your roommate and other residents in a course connected to the LLC’s theme.
  • Participate in special events and activities emphasize the theme of the community and connect you with faculty and peers.

Global Living Learning Community

Build your knowledge of other cultures with students from a wide range of backgrounds.

Honors Living Learning Community

Live with students who are just as motivated as you are in a supportive residential environment. (For Honors Program students only.)

Innovation for All Living Learning Community

Dream big with students who are tinkerers and entrepreneurs, who share your passion for discovery and new ideas.

THRIVE! Living Learning Community: Personal to Planet Health

For students who want to explore the interconnecting factors that affect the health of people, societies, and our shared planet.

Gender Inclusive Housing

The Gender Inclusive Housing floor provides a residence hall living community for all gender identities and expressions, including students identifying as trans and gender nonconforming, as well as allies. Students may share a room with anyone of their preference, regardless of sex or gender identity. Residents of the floors in Wyckoff Hall and Williams Hall will share a communal bathroom with stalls and showers similar to other residence hall floors.

By breaking boundaries, Bradley’s Interdisciplinary LLCs will help you gain valuable experience in collaborating with diverse individuals across disciplinary lines and professional fields. These experiences promote your personal growth and will provide you with a well-rounded background that will be invaluable professional preparation.