New Students

Housing Application & Assignments

The online housing application becomes available to incoming 2023 first-year and transfer students AFTER completing STEP 1 on your Bradley Bound Page and paying the enrollment fee (which includes a housing fee). Login to your Bradley Bound Page and view instructions on how to access the housing application. Students will typically gain access to the housing application within 48 hours of submitting the enrollment fee.

In the Housing Application, incoming students will:

  • Check/update important information (emergency contact, phone number)
  • Sign the Residence Hall Agreement electronically
  • Consider/Choose to apply to one of 4 Living Learning Communities (Deadline May 30)
  • Determine if they are interested in the Gender Inclusive Housing Option
  • Submit building preferences
  • Select a meal plan
  • Complete a roommate survey
  • Search for, Send a Message to, or Match with a Roommate
    • You can search for a specific person
    • You can search by specific responses to the Roommate Survey
    • You can view suggested roommates (calculated percentage based on overall survey responses)

All incoming first-year students are guaranteed a room on campus if an enrollment fee is submitted.

Room Assignments

Bradley University Housing will assign rooms to the following students:

  • Students with a ReAdmit status (returning to Bradley)
  • Students who have applied AND are accepted into a Living Learning Community
  • Students who have requested Gender Inclusive Housing
  • Students who are student-athletes with a Bradley University team
  • Students who have applied for a housing accommodation by contacting Student Access Services OR Health Services, AND received approval from those offices.

Students above, who are assigned a room, DO NOT participate in room selection.

Room Selection

A significant factor in room selection and assignments for new students is the date the enrollment fee was paid. If a roommate pair has different enrollment fee payment dates, the first date of payment gains priority.

In July, new students will receive an email to their Bradley email with a room selection timeslot and detailed instructions on HOW TO SELECT A ROOM. Incoming first year and transfer student Room Selection occurs July 17-20th, 2023.

At or after your Room Selection Timeslot, new students will return to your housing application and will be able to view and select available rooms. The student will assign themselves to the room. They will assign their roommate if they have one at that time. Only one person in a roommate pair needs to go into the system to choose a room. If the student does not have a roommate, they will pick an empty room without a roommate OR a room with 1 occupant and they will be able to view the roommate survey responses by selecting “Profile”. If a student picks an empty room, they should expect to have a roommate select or be assigned with them. If a student does not pick a room, a room will be assigned based on building preference and roommate survey.

Changes to the housing application, including roommate requests, can be made until July 14. Assignments for students who complete the housing application after July 14 will be communicated on a rolling basis after July 17. The university reserves the right to assign a room or reassign a room for the benefit of the individual student or group. Your assignment or roommate may change.