Guide to Move-In Weekend

For detailed move-in and arrival information, visit Move-In Weekend.

Checking in on Move-in Day:

Arrive and Check-In

On move-in day, please arrive during your assigned time. Proceed to the designated parking area for your residence hall where Move-In Helpers will meet you to unload your belongings (Make sure to label all of your items!)

Relocate Your Vehicle

Once you are finished unloading, we ask that vehicles relocate to the designated area so others are able to move in. You will be able to park in the parking decks. View a Campus Map.

Retrieve Your Key

Go to the front desk to check in and retrieve your room key. You will pay your $40 Activity Fee at this time.

Settle In & Get Ready for Your First Floor Meeting

Get unpacked and prepare to head to your first-floor meeting at 5:30PM! (Location TBA via your RAs!)