Referral Resources

Student Difficulty Bradley and Community Resources
Course content Tutoring
Math Success Center
Academic Coach-Nursing
Excessive Absences due to Illness or Hospitalization Health Services
Excessive Absences due to Family Emergency or Bereavement Student Support Services
Excessive Absences due to never attending class Registrar’s Office
Financial Concerns: Food (Off-campus students) Illinois LINK Program
Financial Concerns: Tuition Office of Financial Services
Ineffective Test Taking Skills/Low Grades on Tests and Quizzes Academic Coaching Program
Student Success Workshops
Lack of Motivation Academic Coaching Program
Lack of College-Level Study Skills Academic Coaching Program
Student Success Workshops
Mental Health Crisis If you have a mental health crisis that requires immediate attention, please call the campus police at 677-2000 to transport the student to the OSF St. Francis Emergency Room or the Methodist Medical Center Emergency Room or call 911 if an ambulance is needed. If it is a situation that does not need immediate medical attention, call the Bradley Health Services after hours number: 677-3200. This number will connect you with an OSF St. Francis nurse that will obtain the information and then page the on call physician if needed.

Additional Community Resources
Mental Health (non-crisis)
Anxiety, Depression, Stress
Bradley Counseling Center
Additional Community Resources
No Longer Interested in Original Major Academic Exploration Program
Overwhelmed with Course Work Academic Exploration Program
Academic Coaching Program
Poor Organizational Skills Academic Coaching Program
Poor Social Adjustment Skills/Loneliness Residential Living
Student Organizations
Roommate Issues Residential Living
Substance Abuse Issues
Bradley Counseling Center
Health Services
Wellness Office
Unable to Meet Major Requirements
Academic Exploration Program
Underdeveloped Time Management Skills Academic Coaching Program
Student Success Workshops